About my Services

 What I do....I provide furniture design services and custom furniture fabrication for unique furnishings and related art objects for the home, workplace or public space. I work with individual home owners, corporations, and other designers, architects and artists. I operate a complete furniture building studio equipped for fabrication in wood, metal, and other media. I enjoy working closely with clients to clarify their vision and bring it to reality. Join me "outside the box".

Resume....     I have over 35 years experience in design and building related trades, with formal education in art, industrial design, architecture, philosophy, and psychology. A variety of career paths have led to my current work and contributed valuable insights, finding expression in their culmination as a furniture designer and builder. I am rabidly enthusiastic about my work and take pride in my ability to work with clients refining their vision and bringing their dreams to fruition.

Styles....  I am comfortable working in most genres, from uniquely contemporary to traditional Left to my own inclinations, my work would be described as contemporary with Asian, Art-Deco, Art-Nouveau, Arts and Crafts and Moderne influences. I avoid reproductions.

Green Practices....   I recognize the need to be kind to our environment and embrace the use of green materials and green practices. While my client's desires are always foremost, the use of local sustainable materials utilizing eco-friendly techniques is strongly encouraged.


Cost.....Custom work is not inexpensive. Prices for completed custom designs range from those comparable to high quality manufactured pieces and up. Every piece is different and presents it own set of challenges. An initial consultation with you to clarify your needs will give me the information I need to estimate a completed cost. Read this short blog by John Wiggers, and this article on pricing custom work from Shaka Studios.

How do we get started?..... I'm always eager to meet new people and talk about furniture. Call me anytime or send me an email and I'll answer any questions you have. If you are local, I'll meet with you in person. I don't charge for initial consultations.

Is custom designed or custom made better?

 Of course it is, if properly done. Mass produced pieces are made for the masses...the lowest common denominator that is neither you nor me. A custom designed, hand built furniture piece will be created for you alone by a designer with the insight and talent to make it suit your unique personality, taste, and functional requirements. It will satisfy in subtle yet powerful ways and become an object of lasting pride and self-expression for generations to come.

   What practical and esthetic reasons favor hand built furniture over mass-produced items?

  • Quality. Manufactured objects can seldom approach the build quality a skillfully crafted bespoke furniture piece. The best techniques are just not practical to manufacturing methods.
  • Personalization. A manufactured piece that perfectly fits your needs is often not available. Something to match your vision, something to harmonize with your home or office, a particular material, style, finish, or function.
  • Participation. Taking part in the design/build process can be very rewarding. Getting to know who designed and built your piece, getting and giving feedback, and seeing your design take shape are all of considerable value and makes a furniture piece truly yours.
  • Environmental and social benefits. A finely hand crafted custom furniture piece will endure to give pleasure for generations...while the cheap mass-produced item will soon end it's life in a landfill, to be replaced by another. Buying local, at the least to your continent if not closer, has many social, economic and environmental benefits. A conscientious designer/builder will minimize the environmental impact of his or her work. Not so for most manufacturers.
  • Satisfaction. Many bemoan the state of our modern world, for varied reasons. Buying custom is a way to counter some of the trends we see depersonalizing our lives, eroding our social structure, and degrading our environment. Do the right thing.